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Life Insurance is a very important type of insurance to obtain, especially if you have dependants that you need to support long after you are gone. You can get life insurance quotes from local companies to make sure that you are buying the type of insurance that will most effectively meet whatever specific kind of needs you happen to have.

A life annuity is a contract of a financial nature that is typically given out by life insurance companies. the amount given out is a future series of payments that is made after the person who has the policy has paid out a series of payments, or one large lump sum beforehand.

It’s usually not known exactly when the annuity will be paid out since it is based on whenever that person dies. You can make an annuity contract in such a particular way so that it has a phase of distribution which is referred to as “immediate annuity.” Deferred annuities are different in the sense that they have two different distinct phases,and come from two different annuities.

The two different phases of an annuity are something you can combine together such as from a retirement saving as well as a retirement plan for payment. Your plan contributes o the annuity regularly and then then it can actually get money back until the person who got the annuity dies.

You can decide whether or not it’s in your best interest to defer an annuity. Annuities that give you money payouts in a fixed amount are called “fixed” annuities. Variable annuities give you pay outs that can be widely different one from the other based on the performance of various bonds or mutual funds. Variable annuities can have different goals, for example maximizing the profits without being pulled down from fees.

Stephen Handley
Stephen Handley
My name is Stephen Handley. I have over 20 years experience in IT, Project Management and Financial Services. By combining this experience, I hope to make it easier for Australians to find good quality and affordable life insurance. Furthermore, I am not connected to any life insurance company. So, in the unfortunate event of a claim, you'll have someone in your corner, representing your interests.